Greetings Kansas HOSA Members and Advisors!

It is my privilege to work alongside our amazing State Officers to ensure the success of Kansas HOSA during this school year. Get inspired to engage your students in Kansas HOSA!


Your Kansas HOSA State Officer Team has developed a Program of Work to establish impactful goals with an emphasis on chapter relationships as well as increased communication. The State Officer Team plans to provide chapters with opportunities to interact with other chapters within their own region as well as across the great state of Kansas! The State Officer Team is also working to increase our membership numbers through establishing Middle School and Postsecondary Kansas HOSA


Chapters. Overall, we are dedicated to enhancing the experience of our members through various means.

This year, we are excited to engage our student members in our Fall and Spring Leadership Conferences. Those who place in the top three and meet the International Mean Scores in their event will have the opportunity to advance to compete at the international level at HOSA’s annual International Leadership Conference. Make sure to stay up to date on all important information by frequently checking the Kansas HOSA website. This year’s State Officer Team will also be posting on the Kansas HOSA social media pages, so keep a lookout for updates and announcements from the state and international levels throughout the year that will help your chapter succeed!

Furthermore, I would like to recognize the exceptionally dedicated and skilled individuals who make Kansas HOSA possible, the staff of The University of Kansas Medical Center Area Health Education Centers. Thank you for supporting us in all of our endeavors. To our outstanding Kansas HOSA Advisors, we appreciate all of your hard work, dedication, and guidance that you provide to all of our members. Thank you for everything you do! It is because of you that Kansas HOSA is growing and continuing to be successful.

Our members share a common passion for healthcare. Currently, Kansas is facing a shortage of healthcare professionals and Kansas HOSA members can be part of the solution. It is important as an organization that we build strong, determined and compassionate future health professionals.

Seth Nutt

Kansas HOSA State Advisor

Kansas HOSA State Officers


Hi, Kansas HOSA! I am Joseph Lee, I am a senior at Pittsburg High School and this is my third year in HOSA. I have competed in Biomedical Debate and Medical Spelling, and I attended the HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC) in 2019 for Biomedical Debate and attended virtual ILC this past summer. This year, I am serving as Kansas HOSA State President, and cannot wait to learn more from this amazing student organization. I have always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. To me, HOSA is the perfect way to garner knowledge and experiences in the world of healthcare even before beginning a college education. I hope to continue learning and networking alongside you this year. 


In addition to my HOSA life, I have competed for my school’s debate team, tennis team, Math Club. I am also involved in National Honors Society, Student Publications, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Band. I am also heavily involved with my church, and I practice photography during my free time. 


I hope to help make your HOSA experience as engaging and exciting as possible, despite these hard times.

Joseph Lee

Senior, Pittsburg High School


Vice President
Addison Barg

Senior, Winfield High School

Hello Kansas HOSA! My name is Addison Barg and I am honored to be serving as your Kansas HOSA Vice President for the 2020-2021 school year. I am currently a senior at Winfield High School, and this will be my fourth year in HOSA. My favorite thing about HOSA are the opportunities that it provides. Through HOSA I have gained self-confidence, experience in the medical field, and I have met people from all around the world with the same goals as myself. I also love that there are so many different categories to compete in at the Spring Leadership Conference; it allows us to show our knowledge for subjects that we are truly passionate about. I have been competing in the Medical Math and Extemporaneous Writing categories for three years. 


Outside of HOSA, I am involved in many other organizations. I am a member of the WHS band where I will be serving my third year as a section leader. This will be my eighth year playing the flute. I will also be starting my second year as a Link Leader for Link Crew, an organization that partners upperclassmen with a group of freshmen in order to help them have a smooth transition into high school. This year will be my fourth year in Work Ethics, which prepares high school students for college and the job force. I am also a member of the National Honors Society. Lastly, I am involved with my church's- Ark City First Assembly of God- youth group: 3:6Teen Youth! 


HOSA is an organization that I am extremely passionate about and dedicated to. It has prepared me for my career goal of becoming a pediatric cardiologist! HOSA has already had such a large impact on my life, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kansas HOSA! While we may encounter difficulties throughout this year, I know that we, Kansas HOSA can overcome them, learn from them, and make the most of them. Let’s make this the best year yet for Kansas HOSA!

H. Eckstein 2.JPG

Ex-Officio President
Hannah Eckstein

Senior, Frontenac High School

Hello, Kansas HOSA! I am Hannah Eckstein, and I am a senior at Frontenac High School. HOSA has been a significant part of my life since my sophomore year, when I founded HOSA-Future Health Professionals at my school. To put it simply, my time in HOSA has been very eventful. I have served as my local chapter president for the past two years, conducting meetings and creating innovative fundraising ideas for my chapter. At the state level, I served as the Kansas HOSA President for the 2019-2020 school year and now serve as the Ex-Officio President for Kansas HOSA. At the 2019 HOSA International Leadership Conference, my partner Easton King and I placed in the top ten in the world for Health Education. My time in HOSA has been monumental in my life, and it has taught me all about hard work, dedication, and passion. 


Outside of HOSA, I am a part of Student Council, the National Honor Society, Interact Club, International Thespian Society, Journalism Club, Technology Student Association (TSA), and theater. I have also been a member of speech and debate for all four years of high school. In 2019, I competed for and won the title of Kansas State Champion for two speech events. In my free time, I love to swim, go on walks, and play with my cat, Rosie. I always have coffee in one hand and confidence in the other.


HOSA State Representative
Bilhah Bengi

Junior, Wichita North High School

Hello, Kansas HOSA! My name is Bilhah Bengi and I will be a Junior this fall at Wichita North High School. I learned about HOSA when I got accepted into the Biomed program at North High. I did not really realize how much I loved HOSA until I went to the Opening Ceremony of my freshman year Kansas HOSA Fall Leadership Conference. As a student, HOSA resembled strength, leadership, maturity, and confidence. When I was elected as a state officer, I could not believe it. I cannot wait to serve my community and my state with the passion that I have for giving and caring. 


Outside of HOSA I’m involved in activities such as cross country, wrestling, track, orchestra, youth symphony, student council, history club, and American Heart Association Ambassador Council. I’ve run cross country and track for 5 years now and played cello for my orchestra for 8 years and this will be my 3rd year wrestling! I’m also involved in my church with youth groups and I help coach younger kids finding their path. I am an outgoing social person who loves to get to know people and try new things! This school year, please feel free to reach out to me and my State Officer team about HOSA! We would love to talk to you about HOSA in your community. HOSA is here to provide strength and guidance to you this 2020-2021 school year and I’m super excited I can be a part of that!


HOSA State Representative
Juana Betancourt

Senior, Wichita West High School

Hello to every new HOSA member! My name is Juana Betancourt and I’m beyond excited  to work with each and every one of you. I am currently a senior at Wichita West High School. I want to say that while I am very new to HOSA, it is an amazing organization that I’m thankful to be part of! HOSA has given me the opportunity to experience leadership first hand as well as an understanding of what teamwork really is. I have made amazing friendships with the other state officers. I see Kansas HOSA as a big family since every member has aspirations to be a part of the medical field and we can motivate one another. 

Outside of HOSA I am involved in the National Honors Society as well as AVID. I am not an athlete, instead, I choose to focus on my academics.  Ironically, I love baseball and in my free time, you will see me at baseball games hosted by our amazing team at West High. 

Aside from school, I come from immigrant parents that have always taught me to pursue anything I set my mind to because the sky is really the limit. Thanks to them I have been able to have the motivation and inspiration to do better for not only myself but for them as well. We all might have a similar story or your story may be a different one, but each one of us brings different strengths and qualities into this amazing organization called  HOSA.


HOSA State Representative
Matthew Fleck

Senior, Southeast High School

Hello Kansas HOSA! I hope you are doing well in this crazy time. My name is Matthew Fleck, and I am a senior at Southeast High School in Cherokee, Kansas. Last year I had the pleasure of serving as Kansas HOSA State Officer on the conference development committee and look forward to serving Kansas HOSA again this year! I have also represented Kansas as a voting delegate at the HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC) for the past two years. I joined my local HOSA chapter in my freshman year, not having a clue what was in-store for me. I never thought that I would be in the position I am in now as your State Officer.

Outside of HOSA, I am involved in Cross Country, Track (school and AAU), National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Outside of school, I love to spend time with my friends and playing with my dog, Nala. If you see me in public, come say hi!


HOSA State Representative
Jacob Guernsey

Senior, Chanute High School

Hello HOSA! My name is Jacob Guernsey, I am a senior at Chanute High School and I am a member of the Boy Scouts of America and have achieved the rank of Eagle. I am also a member of the Chanute Soccer Club, and a member of National Honor Society (NHS). My passions are Star Wars, medicine, and woodworking. I plan to attend the University of Kansas and pursue a career as a family medicine doctor.

I have been a member of HOSA for three years, I have served as the president of my chapter, and now as a Kansas HOSA State Officer. HOSA takes students and gives them a glimpse into the vast field of medicine. HOSA provides opportunities to learn, not only from a classroom teacher but also from a variety of professionals in the healthcare industry. The wonderful event that I competed in is Biomedical Debate. I was able to attend the HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC), and it provided an opportunity to meet new friends along with medical professionals who I would have never had the chance to meet. This year I hope that we can bring Kansas chapters closer together and build new connections between each other.


HOSA State Representative
Joy Lee

Junior, Pittsburg High School

Hello Kansas HOSA! My name is Joy Lee, and I am a Junior at Pittsburg High School. My journey with Kansas HOSA started during my freshman year when I fell in love with my favorite event - Biomedical Debate. My team and I qualified for the 2019 HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC), and I was given the opportunity to make unforgettable memories and meet students from all across the United States who have the same driven passion I have for HOSA. My experience at ILC led me to become increasingly involved with my school chapter in hopes to grow and share HOSA with others. 


Outside of HOSA, I have leadership positions on our newspaper staff and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I compete in debate, forensics, and tennis. I have a passion for Christ. During my spare time I like to sing and jam out on my ukulele! 

I am so honored and humbled to serve as one of your Kansas HOSA State Officers. I am so excited for the year ahead! During these unprecedented times, new paths and uncertain moments are inevitable, but know that your state officer team is here to support you and your goals for this year: don’t be afraid to reach out!


HOSA State Representative
Alexis Leonard

Junior, Frontenac High School

Hi, my name is Alexis Leonard and I am a junior at Frontenac High School. This is my second year in HOSA and I cannot wait to meet all of you guys! When I first heard of HOSA I thought it was cool how there was an organization dedicated to students who want to go into the healthcare field! HOSA has taught me how to be more organized, and how to work for what I want. 


During the school year, I participate in track and field, journalism club, and the National Speech and Debate Association. Some of my hobbies are reading, listening to music, and taking naps with my cat Bumble. I am very excited to partake in Kansas HOSA’s very first virtual conferences, and I hope all of you are too!


HOSA State Representative
Alex Troth

Junior, Frontenac High School

Hello, I am Alex Troth. I am a Junior at Frontenac High School. When I learned about HOSA my brain exploded. I was so glad that there was an organization for healthcare. When I went to the Kansas HOSA Spring Conference last year I knew that this is exactly what I wanted to do, I want to pursue and help build and create with HOSA. I want to become a health professional and give back to the organization later in my career. I am now a State Representative for Kansas HOSA! How amazing right! Also on top of all of that, I was able to attend the HOSA Virtual International Leadership Conference. The VILC was nothing short of a great time. It was such a fun atmosphere and there were so many things to do. At the VILC I got to speak with so many different organizations about what they do with HOSA and learn how impactful the organizations were. There were organizations that had events for HOSA and there were some that even offered classes for HOSA students. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our amazing Kansas HOSA events and opportunities.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors. I am a Boy Scout and an avid competitive swimmer. Along with Scouting I love meeting new people and I cannot wait to meet some of you this fall and/or spring! I hope that you all get to attend our future HOSA conferences and have a wonderful time!

Kansas HOSA State Leadership

Seth Murphy.png

Seth Nutt

State Advisor


Kylie Smith

State Advisor Assistant

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Kelli Byrne

Kansas HOSA Assistant