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Competitive Events

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Competitive Events Useful Tools

Preparing for HOSA's competitive events can be a daunting task. Click the buttons below to learn about some helpful tips and tools to boost your preparation.

As you prepare for events, we partnered with Kansas State University Pre-Professional Advising Center to create some videos that may help you prepare.  

Part 1: Website & CE Overview


Part 2: Useful Tools


Part 3: Sample Walkthrough

Competitive Event Guidelines

HOSA offers a robust competitive event series that grows and updates every year.  For this reason, it is VITAL that you review the guidelines every year for updates and changes.  Please ensure you are not using outdated guidelines.  

Guidelines can be found here:

Continue on this page for more information regarding Competitive Events in Kansas.

Competitive Event Appendices

The appendices include several different policies every participant should be aware of.  These policies address cell phone usage, student ID requirements, and more.  Click the button below to learn more about the appendices. 

Preparing for Competitive Events in Kansas

Document: Kansas Competitive Events Offered Details

The document linked above breaks down events into sections, provides information about each event, links to the guidelines, provides what materials students will need, and provides extra information regarding each event.  If you look at the first tab at the top of the page, it will provide the latest date this document was updated. 

Kansas HOSA Competitive Event Limits

HS/PSC students may compete in 1 National Geographic ATC test free, 1 team event, 1 individual test event, 1 individual skills event, and as many recognition events as you'd like.  The Healthcare Issues Exam counts as a recognition event (it is listed under test events so you can access the test information).

Dress Code Change:

Competitors shall wear proper business attire or official HOSA uniform or attire appropriate to the occpational area during testing.  Round 2 SKILL EVENTS require attire appropriate to the OCCUPATIONAL AREA be worn.  i.e. If you are competing in nursing assisting, you MUST wear scrubs, closed toe shoes, etc. to the skill portion of your event.


Update to CPR/First Aid event and Life Support Skills:

Judges will accept ARC and AHA training but competitors MUST state which training they are using at the beginning of the competition. 


Any events that used to allow for judges to ask questions, do not have that allowance any more.  There should be limited conversation with the judge to allow for equity in judging.


Students competing should not give their name, school, or any identifying information to the judge, only their competitor ID (except Job Seeking Skills & Interviewing Skills). It is recommended that competitors remove their name badge while in the event room. (At ILC, students may be allowed to keep their name badges on, this is just a recommendation for SLC.)


In skilled events, at the State level, you will NOT be asked to complete ALL skills from the list.  You will be asked to complete 1-2 skills but this information is not released before hand.  You are expected to be able to do any skill in the list.  Judges cannot interact with you, offer tips, etc. When you are finished competiting, you should NOT share details about what you did with waiting competitors.  (See GRRs at

IEP Eligibility and Special Accomodation Form: 

There are two reasons to fill out this form: 

1. You are a competitor in one of the following four (4) events: Interviewing Skills, Personal Care, Life Support Skills, and Speaking Skills. These four (4) events in the HOSA Competitive Event Program are designed for students with an IEP. In order to participate in these four events, the competitor MUST be classified IDEA. Students classified under Section 504 are NOT eligible to compete in this event.

2. You have a special educational need or require special medical assistance and need to request an accommodation for another competitive event. Read the GRRs and Appendix H for examples of what it means to request an accommodation.  

Accommodations used at SLC will be used at ILC with proper documentation.  (The form needs submitted again for ILC.) 

Supplies FOR KANSAS SLC ONLY (ILC: MUST follow guidelines exactly as far as supplies)

Students in skilled events that need gloves are strongly suggested to bring non-latex gloves in their size.  Gloves for skilled events will be available at REGISTRATION (1 pair per student at no cost). Students that need gloves should get them BEFORE their event. Gloves will NOT be available in the competitive event room.


Medical Spelling for KANSAS SLC ONLY

Medical Spelling will have a live moderator.  For ILC: They use Tabor's Audio Glossary. 

Competitive Event Updates
(last updated 2.23.2024)

Please be prepared for some events to look different this year. 

  • Health Career Display, change from ILC, for round 1 display time – students DO NOT have to stand at their board.  There will be two judges and a timekeeper to ensure we get through these in a timely fashion. Round one will be March 27, competitor set up 11:30am – 12pm in the Amy Button Renz Banquet room in the Alumni Center.  12-6pm – Display time and round 1 judging.  We do encourage all attendees to go see the boards.  March 28, competitors pick up their displays between 8am – 9:30am, judging of round 2 will be in Jordan Conference Room in the Alumni Center from 9am – 12:30pm.  We will announce/post round 2 participants by 8:30am March 28.  (Announce/posting location TBA)

  • Health Education – all competitors advance to round 2.

  • Forensic Science will have a crime scene this year and that will change the experience for previous competitors in these sessions.

  • Creative Problem Solving – last year this event received complaints about the prep time and then the presentation time – that teams had access to their boards and those later in the event had more time to prepare.  I researched this event timing at five other chartered associations and the ILC process so we will follow the ILC process.  I will release exact timing close to the event.

    • 30 minute report window for teams to check in, get supplies, and find a space in the room.

    • At the end of that 30 minutes, the topic will be passed out.

    • Teams will have 30 minutes to prepare their presentations.

    • Call time to stop.  Competitors will turn in all supplies AND THEIR PRESENTATION to the designated area for event staff.

    • Event staff will take the presentations to the presentation room, when teams arrive to be judged, they will pick up their presentation and start their time for presentation (8 min).

  • Extemporaneous Writing – Health Policy: Students can bring a device (that must meet guideline requirements) to type their letter (no resources allowed), the judge will have a jump drive to put these on.  The device must have a usb port.  Students may also write their letter and turn it in at the end of the allotted time.

  • CPR/First Aid – will have two rooms running concurrently.  Guidelines state: A twelve (12) minute maximum time limit has been set for reviewing the scenario and caring for the patients (skill performance). Timing will begin when the scenario is presented to the team and competitors will be stopped at the end of the time allowed. We will be sticking to this expectation to keep the schedule.  This will also allow all teams to complete the skill portion (no cuts).

  • Grievance Policy – We (myself, my supervisor here, and the HOSA Board of Directors) have established a grievance policy regarding competitive events. The policy and form are attached and are also available on the Governance Page of the Kansas HOSA website.  Please make sure to review this prior to SLC.

  • Gloves – students should provide their own gloves for necessary events, however, we will have limited supply at the registration desk.  GLOVES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE IN ROOMS.  Your students will be responsible for getting gloves from the registration desk if they are needed.  Otherwise, they will receive a point deduction in the room. 

  • Event supplies – please be reviewing supplies students should have for events and make sure they are prepared to bring them. (Clinical Nursing will not need a straight catheterization tray.) If you have questions, please let me know.

Online Testing Guide

Jan. 31: Online Testing Advisor Emails were sent.

            Please email Tina if you have not received this.


February 1 – February 9:

  1. Recruit online testing proctors from your school and register them under the “proctors” section of the Chapter Management System (CMS).

    1. Video:   

    2. Since this video there is now a “disable” button so if the proctors listed in your CMS are no longer going to proctor, you can disable them.  Proctors cannot be deleted only enabled/disabled.

    3. National HOSA does not want advisors proctoring, however, at the state level, we realize this may put you in an impossible situation. If you proctor your own students, maintain strict testing atmosphere.  NO help can be provided to students other than while logging in, students CANNOT work together (even for team events), and students CANNOT use any resources. Students in teams should all test at the same time so they cannot share test information.

  2. Secure location(s) and time(s) for online testing. 

    1. The testing window opens at 6am on February 14th and is open through 11:59pm on March 6th. 

    2. Try to schedule all testing prior to March 1st so you have a few days to allow for absences, technical issues, etc.


February 12: Proctor Emails and Competitor Log-in emails will be sent.


February 14: Online Testing Window opens at 6am


March 1: Suggested date to complete scheduling for online testing


March 6: Online Testing Window Closes at 11:59pm


Online Test results are not released to advisors or students. 

HOSA State Officer Candidates will know if they qualify for the virtual interviews no later than March 15th to allow time for interviews prior to SLC.


Proctor/Testing Information:

  • You will be provided via email with a proctor username and password to log in at the following link. Proctor instructions will also be emailed to you at this time. (February 12th)

  • Use the provided user/password to register as Online Test Proctor at the above site.

  • Prior to the day of testing, print out a students’ authentication information to allow you to enter information for students.

  • Make sure that a computer is available for each competitor scheduled.

  • Become familiar with the HOSA Cell Phone and Smart/Electronic Devices Policy below.

  • Login as the proctor and select “proctor an exam” which will take you to the Proctor Test Administration screen.

  • On the Proctor Test Administration screen, use the drop-down menu: “select a test.” Please select all tests you are proctoring form the list and click “GO”.

  • Once the test(s) have loaded, print the screen with the instructions, script, and a list of the student’s ID’s and Passwords.


During the Testing

  • Be kind. Competitors are typically extremely nervous, your warm and caring attitude toward them makes a big difference.

  • Be willing to troubleshoot as needs arise. If you need technical assistance while proctoring, you can call your state advisor at 660-864-3834 or HOSA Headquarters at 1-800-321-4672

  • Provide students with their ID and Password.

  • Direct students to access the following web address:

  • Students are to enter the ID and Password you provided.

  • Once students have logged in, they will see a link to begin their test. They cannot begin testing until you (the proctor) FIRST click “begin test” on your computer screen.

  • Throughout testing, the proctor will monitor the room to maintain testing integrity i.e. no outside resources are used, no talking, no screenshots of testing, etc. Students can receive no help on any tests.


Cell Phone/Smart/Electronic Device Policy

Competitors: Please be sure to turn OFF your cell phone or smart/electronic device, including watches, during testing events. These MUST be placed face down on the table in front of you or left in your belongings. HOSA is not responsible for loss or damage to electronic devices during competition.

Judge and event personnel: Personal cell phones or smart/electronic devices should be OFF during competitive events, unless being used as a timer. If so, please notify competitors and place the device in airplane mode to silence unnecessary notification sounds.

Event Personnel: If a violation occurs, document the violation with the Local Advisor. Local Advisors will notify the State Advisor. Violations of any part of the cell phone or smart/electronic device policy may result in the assessment of penalty points. Violations during a written test may result in the test not being scored.

Manual Watches: Manual watches are acceptable in all HOSA events.

Competitive Event Uploads
  • Uploads are due by 11:59pm on March 15th.

  • Every competitor has an INDIVIDUAL link, you cannot use a friend's link to upload your documents.

  • Teams: ONE person from each team needs to complete the necessary uploads. 

Chapter/Charter Number: Advisors have this.  It is the number you use as your log in to the Chapter Management System (CMS).

Division: middle school, high school, post-secondary/collegiate

Chartered Organization: Kansas

Below Left: Downloadable PDF for local advisors regarding the new CE Digital Upload System.

Below Right: Downloadable PDF for students regarding the new CE Digital Upload System.

STUDENTS: When your advisor registered you for your event, you should have received an email regarding digital uploads and your personal link.  

You will get a reminder email with your personal submission link five days prior to the close of uploads - March 10th for this reminder email and March 15th is your submission deadline. 

Advisors can access students' links in the Chapter Management System.  Go to the Conference, select the student, and you can click on the blue upload link next to their name, copy and paste that into an email to send to the student. 

Anatomage Tournament is coming to SLC 2024!!

Now that your advisor has registered you for the Anatomage Tournament, you need to grab your teammates and pick a competition time while at the Spring Leadership Conference. 

If you missed registering, you can still click the link below to register!  


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