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Resources for Advisors

While HOSA-Future Health Professionals is a member-led organization, the role of the Chapter Advisor is invaluable. The chapter advisor helps guide the students as they make decisions for the chapter's operations, and they help students prepare for competitive events. Most importantly, chapter advisors support the students as they work to achieve their goals. 

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2024-2025 Kansas HOSA Calendar:

Affiliation Schedule & Conference Registration Policy

Affiliation Schedule (Affiliation is a sort of rolling process.)

  • Opens for semester 1 – July 1st.

  • If you are an established chapter with a charter number, you do not need to do anything to start affiliating members. 

  • If you add a student to the CMS, you CANNOT delete them.  I cannot delete them.  They cannot be deleted!  It is strongly suggested that you do not add students to the CMS until you have money in hand. 

  • Starting Fall 2023 – affiliate before October 1 (with paid affiliation fees) – gain chapter recognition for FLC and HOSA 100 Club recognition for your chapter

  • Semester 1 affiliation deadline – January 1st

  • Semester 2 affiliation deadline – March 1st

  • New chapters/new members affiliation for ILC attendance deadline – May 31st

  • No affiliation in month of June

Conference Registration Policies

  • All conference registration payments are sent to Kansas HOSA.

  • Fall and Spring Conference Registration Fees are due 30 DAYS after the date of the conference.

    • Unpaid Fall Leadership Conference fees will result in blocked Spring Leadership Conference registration.

  • Unpaid Spring Leadership Conference fees will result in blocked International Leadership Conference registration.

  • International Leadership Conference Registration is due from chapters 5 business days prior to May 15th to allow for validation by the state advisor.  

  • International Leadership Conference Registration fees are due by the Friday before Memorial Day.  


  • Invoices don’t get sent automatically – they have to be generated.

  • Affiliation dues go to the Texas office.  ALL other monies come to the Kansas office.

  • If you have typically proctored online testing in the past – you can go ahead and do that but please keep in mind proper testing protocols. National HOSA suggests finding other proctors as much as possible.

  • Digital uploads are now through the Chapter Managmeent System. Points will be deducted if not included. At ILC, students without uploads will not be invited to compete in round 2.

  • Forensic Science online testing will need to be configured by me after registration closes.  (this might be the case with any teamwork event that has a round 1 test)

  • If a student is running for state officer, they MUST be registered to take the HOSA State Officer Exam (Official) AND must complete the application and return by email to me.

  • The test Organizational Leadership is NOT a medaled event.  This event is to select who will be a voting delegate for Kansas at the International Leadership Conference. 

How to Generate a CONFERENCE Invoice HOSA CMS

Chapter Management System (CMS) Training Video

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