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Information shared in meeting on June 17, 2024

ILC 2024 Meeting – June 17, 2024

Please scan the code below to get the invite to BAND, our communication app for ILC 2024



Information regarding ILC can be found at


HOSA Conference App

                QR code in the program on page 3.

                Currently only available for apple devices, they are working on approval with Google.


HOSA Hotlines

                General Conference Questions – 1-800-321-4672

                Competitive Events Questions – 1-888-682-1324


ILC Agenda

                Starts on page 9 of the program.


Conference Registration

                June 26 from 8am – 1pm in GRBCC Exhibit Hall B

  • If you will not arrive by 1pm, please plan with me to receive your registration materials.  You will not be able to get into any sessions without the name badges that will be in your bags.

  • Make sure you wear your badge at all times throughout the conference.

  • Pins will be available for purchase at registration and from Tina throughout the conference.


Orientations & Scholarship Dinner

                NEW HOSA Advisors (or new-ish) Coffee Talk – June 26, 8am – Scot Cotton at the Marriott              

                Advisor/chaperone/parent Orientation – June 26 – 1:30 – 2:30pm – GRBCC General Assembly

                 Courtesy Corps Orientation – June 26 – 3-4pm – Hilton Ballroom of the Americas DEF

                Workshop Ambassadors Orientation – June 26 – 4-5pm – Hilton Ballroom of the Americas DEF

                Scholarship Recipient Dinner (STUDENTS only) – June 26 – 5-7pm – Marriott Houston Ballroom I-III


Dress Code Information – page 77 of the ILC program


Competition Reminders – page 78-79 of the ILC program


Continuing Education/Professional Develop Credits available for advisors – page 81 of ILC program





















Opening Session – June 26 -  7:30 – 10:30pm – GRBCC Exhibit Hall CD

Doors open at 6:45pm.

  • There will be assigned seating for this session. 

  • Students MUST be in Official Dress or the Alternate uniform

  • Advisors/Parents/Chaperones should be in business casual to business professional

  • We have a Kansas HOSA member receiving a huge honor! (see page 33 of the ILC program!)



                Shuttles will run continuous during the following times.

                June 26 – 7am – 12am

                June 27 – 6am – 12am

                June 28 – 6am – 12am

                June 29 – 3:30pm – 1:00am


Local and State Advisor Lounge (advisors only)

                Marriot Brazoria B

                June 26 – 10am – 5pm

                June 27 – 10am – 3pm

                June 28 – 10am – 3pm


Educational Workshops

                Schedule starts on page 46 of the ILC Program.


Executive Council Candidate Speech Forum – Hilton Ballroom of the Americas DEF

                June 27, 4:30 – 6:30pm

                Witness campaign speeches for the IEC candidates


Competitive Events

                Schedule: Starts in the ILC program on Page 15 through page 21

                Tests: Competitors MUST bring their own #2 pencils!  Pencils are NOT provided.

                Skilled Events: Make sure you are prepared to wear attire suitable to the clinical site, including closed toe shoes.

                CE Prep Webinar – recording available on

                Competitor Appointment Times –


Tournaments & Unique Activities

                Anatomage Tournament – sign up for preliminary rounds

                Blood Drive

                Body Interact – at the Expo, June 26 &27, 10am – 5pm

                                Advisor Session – June 27, 11am, Fort Bend B


Awards Sessions (bring your flashing fans!) – first come, first serve seating.

                Recognition Session – Friday, June 28 – GRBCC Exhibit Hall CD – 7pm – 10:30pm

                Doors open at 6:15pm 

                Official Dress for Students, Business casual/professional for all others

                International Executive Council members announced at the end!



Grand Awards Session for Nat Geo ATC Tests, Leadership Events, and Teamwork Events

                Saturday, June 29, GRBCC Exhibit Hall CD – 5pm

                Doors open at 4:15pm

                 Official Dress for Students, Business casual/professional for all others


Grand Awards Session for Health Science, Health Professions, & Emergency Preparedness

                 Saturday, June 29, GRBCC Exhibit Hall CD – tentative  8:15pm

                Official Dress for Students, Business casual/professional for all others

2024 Kansas HOSA ILC Delegation.png

HOSA 46th Annual International Leadership Conference

June 26-29, 2024

Houston, TX.

Link for ILC Guide:

If anyone is trying to book group tickets through American Airlines, they have a section that specializes in this. The contact information is: & 800-221-2255

ATC Testing at ILC: Students get one ATC test free with registration ($90) and every additional ATC tests costs $20. Those that took ATC tests at SLC DO NOT qualify to move forward – we offered those to provide the experience and opportunity for recognition for students.

Arrival to Houston: Schools should try to arrive to Houston on Wednesday, June 26.  Voting delegates MUST be in Houston to attend their orientation by 1pm on Wednesday, June 26.

Opening Session: All attendees MUST be in official dress or navy blue/black suit to attend opening, closing, and to go on stage for awards.  Attendees will NOT be allowed to enter the ceremonies outside the dress code.  Please carefully review page 34 of the ILC guide linked above.

Competitive events: Please start reviewing the ILC qualifiers list and letting me know who will/won’t be attending.  On team work events, advisors can submit substitutions who must be HOSA members.  You CAN affiliate a new member to then substitute in for ILC.  On individual events, if a student is not attending, the state staff (me) will review scores and see if the next student scored high enough to attend ILC. 

Advisors/Chaperones/Parents: Students MUST have an advisor, chaperone, or parent with them at the conference AND anyone who attends ANY session at ILC is required to pay the $90 registration fee.  Please tell parents that they SHOULD NOT be dropping off their students at the convention center and leaving them there all day by themselves.  This did happen last year and I did not find out about it until almost all the way through the conference.

Other students: Any HOSA member in good standing can attend ILC and take advantage of ATC testing, workshops, etc. Only chaperones/parents should be registered as guest/family.  Students should all be affiliated HOSA members.

Saturday “Fun Day”: HOSA is doing Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (this recently change on their website…)  Go here for information:

I will be coordinating a trip to the Space Center in Houston.  Schools are able to plan their own activities on that day as well.  More details from me to come.

Communication App: We will be using a communication app such as “Band” or “Remind” for all attendees at ILC so I can easily communicate with groups/individuals.

Pins & Shirts:  I will put out another pin/shirt order for those attending ILC.  If you have attended ILC previously, pins are the currency of the conference and your students will want to have some extra Kansas pins to trade.

Competitive Event:  This year we are in charge of staffing CERT Skills Round 2 and have 10 spots to fill.  We are working in coordination with Nebraska. Adults need to be the first four roles, students can be patients 3 – 8. I need to have an event manager & judge manager by May 1, the rest by May 15.


April 12: Goal date to notify state advisor about competitors attending ILC.

April 15: HOSA Scholarship Application deadline

April 19: Advisors must confirm competitors’ attendance with Tina

May 1: Competitive event personnel (Event & Judge Manager)

May 15: ILC Registration deadline, upload deadline, hotel deadline for conference rates

May 20: My deadline to validate

May 24: Payment requests sent to your financial offices for ILC registration.  ILC registration money is sent to MY OFFICE at the address in my email tag.

June 14: Competitor appointment times posted

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