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HOSA 45th Annual International Leadership Conference

June 21-24, 2023
Dallas, Texas

ILC 2023 Recap

  • ILC had over 12,000 attendees, 141 educational workshops, 10,875 competitors, and 142 exhibitors.

  • HOSA has the highest percentage membership growth of any CTSO in the nation.

  • Our Dorothy slipper pins were a HUGE hit!  The pins are the currency of the conference and we were definitely sought after.

  • We received a plaque and recognition for membership growth.

  • The Central Region (including us) showed the most growth of the International regions and is currently holding the HOSA Cup – Puerto Rico received the cup as the chartered association with the most growth.  (Maybe that will be us one day?!)

  • Ella Rhuems made it through all rounds of candidacy for International Executive Council but was not selected as the representative.

  • Ella Rhuems was recognized as Outstanding HOSA Leader.

  • Brittni Mayagoitia was recognized as a Local Advisor of the Year.

  • HOSA as a whole had a 12.5% membership increase with a membership total of 264,487 members internationally.

  • Kansas HOSA hosted the MRC Partnership competitive event with Niki Dinkel overseeing that.

  • I attended the corporate meeting as the Kansas representative and started making connections to run for the Board of Directors when the Central Region State Advisor position opens.

  • We had some very positive conversations with Ashley from the American Academy of Family Physicians and I am hoping they may become a partner of Kansas HOSA.

  • Awards:

    • Top Ten Recognition: American Academy of Family Physicians Family Medicine Career Test ATC Test (Secondary) – Taylor Phalen, Basehor-Linwood High School

    • Top Ten Recognition: American Academy of Family Physicians Family Medicine Career Test ATC Test (Secondary) – Prisha Patel, Basehor-Linwood High School

    • 2nd Place Extemporaneous Writing, Secondary Division – Caitlyn Costello, Pittsburg High School

    • Top Ten Recognition: Health Career Display, Middle School Division – Royster Middle School, Chanute, KS.

    • Top Ten Recognition: Cultural Diversities and Disparities, Post-Secondary Division – Callie Zink, Barton County Community College

    • 2nd Place Clinical Laboratory Science, Post-Secondary Division – Valeria Gallardo, Barton County Community College

    • 2nd Place Medical Assisting, Post-Secondary Division – Kaden Baird, Barton County Community College

  • Flickr Link for Photos:

Lissette, Kansas State Officer Representative – Social Media, and I will be working on collecting some “Stories from ILC” to share from attendees over social media in mid to late July.

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