Kansas HOSA By-Laws



Section 1.  The name of this organization shall be Kansas HOSA.

Section 2.  The office of the Association shall be located within the Kansas State Department of Education or its designated agent.




The primary purpose of Kansas HOSA is to serve the needs of its members and strengthen the Health Science Education-HOSA Partnership in the following ways:

  1. Foster programs and activities which will develop:​

    1. ​Physical, mental and social well-being of the individual

    2. Leadership, character and citizenship

    3. Ethical practices and respect for the dignity of work

  2. Foster self-actualization of each member which contributes to meeting the individual’s psychological, social and economic needs.

  3. Build the confidence of students in themselves and their work by providing opportunities to assume responsibilities and by developing personal and occupational competencies and social skills that lead to realistic choices of careers and successful employment in the health care field.

  4. Promote inter-organizational relationships with professional groups, businesses, industries and other organizations.

  5. Recognize individual achievement in scholarship, occupational skills or services rendered, by providing recognition and awards.

  6. Promote involvement in current health care issues, environmental concerns and survival needs of the community, the nation and the world.

  7. Establish and maintain local chapters in good standing with Kansas HOSA.



Section 1.  Membership Composition: 

  1. Kansas HOSA is a State association of, by and for students who (1) are or were enrolled in secondary, post-secondary/collegiate health science classes and/or (2) are interested, planning to pursue or pursuing a career in the health professions.

  2. Members shall be students who are or have been enrolled in Health Science classes, and/or are interested, planning to pursue or pursuing a career in the health professions, and persons associated with, participating in or supporting Health Science in a professional capacity.

Section 2.  Membership shall be open to Health Occupations students regardless of age, race, sex, color, national origin or religious beliefs.

Section 3.  Individuals shall obtain membership through their respective local chapters.

Section 4.  The Secondary Division shall be composed of secondary students who are or have been enrolled in a Health Science or an organized health career awareness program or are interested, planning to pursue or pursuing a career in the health professions.

Section 5.  Post-secondary/Collegiate Division shall be composed of students who are not enrolled in high school, have received a high school diploma and/or are pursuing GED and are enrolled in a health care related field at the undergraduate level or are interested or planning to pursue a career in the health professions.

Section 6.  Members-at-large shall be those persons otherwise qualified for membership where active Kansas HOSA chapters are not yet established.  Members-at-large shall affiliate directly with state associations, or by geographic region as determined by the State Association.  Members-at-large are not eligible to serve as voting delegates to the State Conference or seek elected office.

Section 7.  The Alumni Division shall be composed of persons who have been a member of Kansas HOSA.  Alumni Division members may not vote, make motions, hold office or compete in events.  Alumni members may serve on the Kansas HOSA Board of Directors.

Section 8.  The Professional Division shall be composed of persons who are associated with or participating in Health Science Technology Education in professional capacities.  These may include health professionals, alumni or other adult members of the community who wish to assist and support the Kansas HOSA program and its growth and development.  Professional division members shall pay affiliation fees, but may not vote, make motions, hold office or compete in events.

Section 9.  Honorary members shall be persons who have made significant contributions to the development of Kansas HOSA and/or have rendered outstanding service to the organization.  Honorary membership may be conferred for life by a three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors of Kansas HOSA.  Honorary members shall have none of the obligations and all of the privileges of membership except voting, making motions, holding office and competing in events.

Section 10.  Members, with the exception of honorary members, shall be considered in good standing only after they have paid full chapter, state, and national dues.  The membership year may begin with payment of fees on September 1st and shall continue through August 31st or by May 1st and continue through April 30th.  State dues shall be submitted within sixty days after the opening date of class.  A Membership Report must accompany the payment of dues.  State dues shall be submitted within sixty days after enrollment for students who enroll after the opening day of class.



Section 1.  The State Officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, the remaining elected State Officers will hold the title of State Officer Representatives.  The HOSA State Advisor shall serve as the Executive Treasurer.

Section 2.  Officer Candidates: 

  1. A candidate for state office must be an officially enrolled student in a Health Occupations Education program and be an active member in good standing in the local chapter.

  2. A candidate shall, for any office, submit current evidence of a 2.5 grade point average (on a 4 point scale) or its equivalency on academic performance.

  3. Candidates for each office shall submit official candidate applications and affidavit forms.

  4. Students shall submit candidate application for a specific office.

  5. Candidates for each office shall write an officer candidate examination and receive a qualifying score.

Section 3.  Officers may not succeed themselves in office, but may run for another office.

Section 4.  Nominations from the floor.  Persons may be nominated from the floor if they have met the same criteria as other officer candidates.

Section 5.  Student officers will be elected at the Statewide Spring Leadership Conference to serve for one year or until their successors are elected.  In the event a majority vote is not secured by any candidate a run-off election will be held between the two candidates having the highest number of votes.  Their terms of office shall begin immediately after the annual conference at which they are elected.  In the event that there are insufficient candidates for all offices the delegates shall determine if the duties of the office should be appointed to another officer or shall remain vacant.

Section 6.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president shall assume this office.  All other vacancies in state offices shall be filled by appointment by the president and State Advisor.  The appointed person must meet the same criteria as other officer candidates.  Appointed terms shall expire upon election of new officers at the next regularly scheduled State and Fall Leadership Conference.  The State Advisor can select to keep open positions vacant.

Section 7.  Duties of Officers:

  1. Duties of President, Vice President, and State Officer Representatives will be assigned duties by the State Advisor.



Section 1.  State Meetings:

  1. Two state meetings shall be held each year; one in the fall and one in the spring.    

  2. The dates of the state meetings shall be determined by the State Advisor.

  3. These meetings shall be the Fall Leadership Conference and the Spring Leadership Conference.

Section 2.  Special Meetings:

  1. A special meeting of the Association may be called by the Executive Council.

  2. A thirty-day notice of any special meeting shall be given to the membership.       

Section 3.  Representation:       

  1. Members shall be represented in the Association through duly selected delegates of local chapters.

  2. Each chapter shall select delegates who shall be considered voting delegates at the fall and spring meetings.  

  3. Each chapter will be allowed two voting delegates.  These delegates will be determined by the local chapter members.

  4. A voting Delegate may not be a candidate for state office.

Section 4.  A quorum for any meeting shall be constituted by representation from a majority of the local chapters.



Section 1:  The Executive Council shall be composed of all officers of Kansas HOSA as designated in Article IV, Section 1, the State Advisor, and one representative of the Kansas HOSA Board of Directors.

Section 2:  The Executive Council shall meet at least two times per year.  They shall meet immediately preceding the Fall Leadership Conference.  Other meetings shall be held, either in person or by telephone conference call, at the call of the State President or by a majority of the Executive Council, with the approval of State Advisor.

Section 3:  The Executive Council shall be responsible for assisting in planning and conducting the State Conference programs and business sessions, as well as assisting in the annual HOSA Program of Work.



The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws, or the National HOSA Bylaws.  And any special rules the organization may adopt.



Section 1:  The State Advisor shall be custodian of all Association funds and will negotiate all funds and disbursements.  The Association funds shall be monitored by the State Advisor, the State Health and Science Program Consultant, and one member from the Kansas HOSA Board of Directors.  In the event that attrition occurs in both the State Advisor’s and the State Health Science Program Consultant position, the State Director of Career and Technical Education will accept control of funds until such time as these positions are reappointed.

Section 2:  The State Advisor shall arrange for an audit of the financial records by a qualified auditor not affiliated with HOSA in any manner.  The audit report shall be available to any member of the Association.  An audit shall be conducted at least once every 4 years.



These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at any State Conference provided the amendment has been proposed by a State Association, a Division, the Executive Council or the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.  Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing at least thirty (30) days before the conference.  All proposed amendments must be submitted by the Kansas HOSA to the local chapters at least fifteen (15) days prior to the conference.

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