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This page will remain active through the end of December 2020.

2020 Kansas HOSA Virtual Fall Leadership Conference

Thank you for your participation in the 2020 Kansas HOSA Virtual Fall Leadership Conference. On this page, you will find all the information, links, and resources you will need to participate in the virtual conference.

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Conference Agenda

Agenda topics and times are subject to change.

Fall 2020 Conference Central: Text

October 13, 2020

11:30 -12:00 p.m.

Opening Session

12:15 -12:45 p.m.

Live Session – “Be the Match, National Service Project Introduction”

1:00 -2:00 p.m.

Tonometry with Mr. Craig Simms

2:15 -2:45 p.m.

Live Session – “HOSA 101 – What it takes to be a State Leader”

October 14, 2020

11:15 -11:45 a.m.

Live Session – “Seeing Success in Your
Competitive Events”

12:00 -12:45 p.m.

Chapter Leadership Luncheon with your State Officer Team

1:00 -2:00 p.m.

Tonometry with Mr. Craig Simms

2:15 -2:45 p.m.

Closing Awards Ceremony

Round Table Events

Fall 2020 Conference Central: Text

Emergency Preparedness Events

Alex Troth and Matthew Fleck discuss the basic competition information as well as dig into the different emergency preparedness events. The events discussed in this session include CERT Skills, CPR/First Aid, Public Health, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Life Support Skills, and Epidemiology.

Health Science Events

Alexis Leonard and Addison Barg use a fun Jeopardy-style game to discuss health science events such as Medical Math, Medical Spelling, and more.

Team Work Events

Hannah Eckstein and Juana Betancourt give a quick breakdown of the nine different teamwork events (Biomedical Debate, Community Awareness, Creative Problem Solving, Health Career Display, Health Education, HOSA Bowl, Forensic Science, Medical Innovation, and Public Service Announcement). In this presentation, Hannah and Juana offer advice and resources to be successful.

Health Professions Events

Jacob Guernsey and Joseph Lee discuss guidelines and procedures for the health professions events including Biomedical Lab Science, Home Health Aide, Pharmacy Science, Clinical Nursing, Medical Assisting, Physical Therapy, Dental Science, Nursing Assisting, Sports Medicine, Veterinary Science, and Clinical Specialty.

Leadership Events

Joy Lee and Bilhah Bengi break down the many different leadership events. Events discussed in this presentation include Speaking Skills, Interviewing Skills, Job Seeking Skills, Healthcare Photography, Healthy Lifestyle, Research Poster, Research Persuasive Writing and Speaking, Prepared Speaking, Extemporaneous Writing, and Organizational Leadership

Pre-Taped Sessions

Fall 2020 Conference Central: Text


With real-world experience you may not find in nursing school alone, nursing students who are also Army ROTC Cadets benefit from extensive one-on-one mentoring and training. You'll find out exactly what it takes to become a leader in your medical field.

If you're considering an undergraduate nursing degree, enrolling in Army ROTC can enhance your leadership skills and critical-thinking abilities while providing financial support to help make your professional goals a reality. Being a Nurse in the Army provides you with opportunities not found in the civilian world. As an Army Nurse and Officer, you will have the respect of your peers and coworkers as well as opportunities to train and serve in a variety of specialties.

Army ROTC's Nurse Summer Training Program will give you the opportunity to truly fulfill the promises of your training after graduation. Coordinating and communicating patient care, you'll be in a clear position to succeed.

Don’t Blow It! Vape Prevention in Schools That Works

Vaping is an epidemic in schools today. Over six million youth are vaping and 5,000 begin vaping every day. What direction should schools go? Should they treat it as a discipline issue or as an addiction? In this workshop, participants will learn about best practices and resources available for schools today. Participants will learn not only about primary prevention, but also about alternatives to suspension and cessation. What support is there for parents? These important issues will all be covered in this workshop.

Youth Vaping in 2020: Impacts of Regulatory Changes and COVID-19

This session will provide an up-to-date look at youth vaping including usage trends, product types, health effects, and the dangerous links between vaping and infectious diseases like COVID-19. You will also learn about current state and federal regulations around vaping and hear evidence of results from the first and only evidence-based youth vaping prevention program, CATCH My Breath. Finally, learn how you can build your resume, gain important skills, and potentially earn school credit, all while having a significant impact on the vaping epidemic, with CATCH My Breath service-learning projects and college scholarship competition.

Diagnostic Detectives - Clinical Laboratory Scientists

Come listen to clinical lab professionals describe the vital and dynamic field of Clinical Laboratory Medicine. You will have a brief overview of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences industry, clinical testing operations, and career information. You will go on a pictorial journey through the sections of a clinical laboratory to demonstrate how clinical testing helps physicians and health providers diagnose and treat their patients. Laboratory professionals provide answers that assist in diagnosing disease when multiple symptoms are present, revealing cancers of the cervix or blood, choosing the correct antibiotic for treatment and/or providing the optimal blood type for a blood transfusion. Students will be shown national salary statistics and educational requirements to help them advance within this industry.

Med Terminology- Lab Techniques, Teams and Terms

Look at different strategies to make “ Medical Terminology” fun for both instructors and students. Strategies include hands-on labs, research skills, review games, case studies, quick quizzes and more.

Incorporating Soft Skills into Your Lessons

Join Mary McCarley, 2016 SHAPE America Southern District Teacher of the Year and Goodheart- Willcox Content Specialist, as she shares the value of incorporating soft skills into CTE courses and strategies for successful implementation. Teachers will leave with new soft skills activities and assessments for their teacher toolbox. In addition, all attendees will receive complimentary access to soft skills resources from Goodheart-Willcox.

Guess Who? With Health Professions Week

Health Professions Week is proud to present a virtual Guess Who? Panel! Think you can tell the difference between an ND, a PA and an MD? And what the heck is an ND? We’re here to break down common misperceptions and myths and make it FUN! Health Professions Week (HPW) is a nationwide collaboration between today’s healthcare and education organizations designed to provide reliable, accessible resources to explore careers in the health professions. If you are considering a future in the health professions, HPW is your one-stop-shop to explore over 20 career options. Join the virtual session at HOSA and explore careers confidently!

An Eye-Opening Career – Ophthalmic Medical Technician

This stimulating workshop will shine the light on career aspects of the ophthalmic medical technicians, a little known, well-respected, and greatly in demand profession. Interactive methods will be used to demonstrate how a technician tests vision, and what else they can learn about a person’s health while examining the eye. The tools and techniques ophthalmic technicians use to assist the ophthalmologist in the clinic and surgical setting will also be highlighted. You will learn what it takes to become an ophthalmic medical technician, what it means to be one, and how to become a part of a life-long and rewarding career field.

Being a Control Freak May Be Good for Your Health Science Program!

Being a control freak is not always bad. Control what you can control! And meet a friend, National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE)—the national authority for health science education! NCHSE believes a deliberate approach to deliver health science education includes essential components that lead to high quality programs. Analyze components you can control to make your program standout among the best! Focus on yourself, your students and your program—that’s how you take control. How can NCHSE support classroom teachers? 1) Confirming Your Curriculum Framework (National Health Science Standards (NHSS); Four Course Framework; Scope and Sequence) 2) Expanding Your Classroom Resources (Curriculum Enhancements; Newsletters, Publishers/Educational Resources Group) 3) Implementing Assessments/Certifications (NCHSE End of Program; End of Course; Others) 4) Integrating HOSA (Competitive Events Programs—NHHS Alignment) 5) Building Networks and Partnerships (Health Science Educators Association (HSEA); Community Support, Work-Based Learning) 6) Planning for Professional Development (Wednesday Webinars; National Health Science Conference)

Because We All Have A Heart - Making a Difference Following a Tragedy

New Prairie High School HOSA, in northern Indiana, is focused on making a difference on the safety of students, athletes, and members of the community. #JAM is a campaign on sudden cardiac arrest awareness, CPR, and AED use in honor of two young men, Jake and Mark, who died from sudden cardiac arrest. Learn how you can evaluate current practices in your community and what you can do to implement an attitude of being rescue ready.

Which Educational and Career Path Fits Your Enneagram

Enneagrams are all the craze these days! Whether you are a 1 or a 9, you can have a successful future in healthcare. Come learn about education and career options that fit your personality with society’s global healthcare needs.

Your Wellness Story: Understanding Where You Are and How You Can Help Others

Hallway conversation: “Hey! How are you?” “Good. You?” “Good.” But are you really? As a society, we have become accustomed to offering a response without truly examining our personal wellbeing. In this session you will examine the six dimensions of health (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and social) and how those relate to Your Story of Wellness. Participants will discover the Wellness Wheel, can see where they are on the wheel, and can learn about the resources that are available to them. You will also explore college pathways that lead to careers assisting others on their wellness journeys.

My Unusual Path to Public Health

Some people know exactly what they want to do and how to get there. For others, the journey to a fulfilling career is not a straight path. Your well-intentioned, detailed career path may veer off course and lead to unexpected detours, but all is not lost. You can tap into the GPS of life and re-route yourself to still reach your destination. Hear from a doctorate-prepared nurse who will share their non-traditional career path, including commissioning in the U.S. Public Health Service. Learn how to find value in every experience and continue moving towards your career goals.

I’ll Be There for You: Consider Occupational Therapy

This interactive session will explore why students should consider occupational therapy as a health care profession. Students will develop an understanding of what occupational therapy is, who they serve and where they provide services. Providing therapy and support for humans aged 0 to 100+, occupational therapists take pride in providing clients support they need to fully engage and participate in their desired activities and tasks.

Direct Admit Program

This program allows high school students to get admitted from high school directly to a health profession school. UIW offers five different health profession schools: osteopathic medicine, physical therapy, optometry, pharmacy and nursing. Students accepted into this health profession school in high school are able to complete their undergraduate work on the main campus, attend the health professional school, and graduate with their professional program.

Super Bugs and Antibiotic Resistance

Join current University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy students to learn about the evolution of super bugs and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance. How do bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics? Why is this a significant life-threatening problem? What are the roles of pharmacists who specialize in infectious diseases to combat antibiotic resistance?

The Critical Roles of Pharmacists in COVID-19 Management

Definitive drug treatment for COVID-19 has not been identified, therefore, how do pharmacists contribute to care of COVID-19 patients? Pharmacists are playing valuable roles in prevention in communities, providing intensive drug-related supportive care in hospitals, and consulting with respect to treatments, as they become available. Join current University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy students to learn more!

Advisor Resources

Fall 2020 Conference Central: Text

Competitive Events

Fall 2020 Conference Central: Text

This year's fall conference will feature a few competitive events. The information related to these events can be found below.

Extemporaneous Health Poster Pre-Conference Event

  • Open to all registered attendees

  • Starts Sept 14 (due to late start) with Directions/Secret Topic release

  • Entries due October 9 and judging begins

  • October 10 Top 5 entries will be posted to Instagram for voting by registered attendees

  • Results/Awards announced at Closing Ceremonies

Creative Problem Solving Event

  • 1-Day event

  • Unlimited Teams of 3-4 students from Chapter

  • Directions/Secret Topic release at end of Opening Ceremonies

  • Live Help Desk on Tuesday, October 13th at 4:00 p.m. on Zoom at

  • Entries Due by 7:00 p.m. on October 13th

  • Results/Awards announced at Closing Ceremonies

Forensic Science Event

  • 2-Day event

  • Entire Chapter acts as a Team

  • Directions/First Clues release at end of Opening Ceremonies

  • Additional clues will be embedded and dropped periodically within Live Sessions, Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook posts

  • Live Help Desk on Wednesday, October 14th at 9:00 a.m. on Kansas HOSA Instagram

  • Entries due at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 14

Fall 2020 Conference Central: Text

Event Sponsors

Fall 2020 Conference Central: Text

Kansas HOSA is greatful to the following sponsors for helping make 2020 Kansas HOSA Virtual Fall Leadership Conference possible.

Kansas State Department of Education
University of Kansas Health System
Kansas Hospital Association
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